The interesting life!
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I’m back!

It’s so long time that I haven’t update my blog, I always felt tired since I had located in Chongqing. Now my life gradually stabilizes so that I will still record something with my ideas, study, and knowledge. In a word is that u can meet me in my posts next.

It is sunshine, I remind of my old time in my hometown WanZhou, it’s also hot but our flat around the bamboo forest, even I breathe like in the air conditioner on the ground floor. The water from our well, to be added some saccharin, it’s the most delicious water in my life. To be honest I will imagine the picture which make me so fragile that I couldn’t help to miss my hometown flat.

Whatever I will face to, I am doing until I fall down. It’s no chance to waste, to throw out. To be continued, reading, writing, listening, chatting, and so on.

It had gone, we could only do best by ourselves, we could cherish the time, and we could do we want to do, and we could fight for ourselves.

Next, I will update it at normal speed.

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