The house timestamp from 22 to 25!
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The house in my heart.

I didn’t always live on Haitong Street of Century Park. Before that I lived on Pudong Avenue on 6th floor, before Pudong it was Jingui, and before that I had worked in Wuhan and lived in Thompson Lake community at my 22 birth day. Although it’s a lot to move, I will remember Century Park that it’s a beautiful place. Each time there’d be older and more benefits from life.

I always told me that one day I would move into a house, a real house that would be mine for always so I wouldn’t have to move each year. And my house would have fresh air and running water. And inside it would have cozy bed, not rumpled sheets and cold bed, but Simmons inside like the bed on TV. And I would have a chic study, not traditional style. I think that it’s very far away before I relocated in Chongqing, but now I have bought one sitted by Xiyong.

But the house in Jingui is not the same I tell you at all, it has some trees around it, it’s small and crowded due to my 2 friends and me. In spite of a little small window, it is still well because I like the feeling about friendship among Dongzi, Chaozi and me. I stayed there for one year. The house on Pudong Avenue is not suitable for me as it’s the top of the building, and it is so bright that it dazzles. It’s too tired to get up the stairs. The most interesting house is Haitong Street, its owner is the aged, I can communicate easily with them even if they speak Shanghai dialect. Maybe they treat me as their son, and they do something meaningful for me, I’m moving.

I hardly have time to remember these sences, but I want to record them by my heart. In fact, I will plan totally to beautify my house, to think about it for some time. Now, it’s a secret!

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