IETLS Speaking(1) 常用小词
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Colloquial Words and Phrases.(雅思常用小词)

1, stuff (东西,口语里面等于things,stuff永远不能加复数)

e.g. The stuff in that store is very pricey(贵的).

2, folks (= people)

e.g. Average folks can’t possibly afford cars like that.

3, pretty (= 副词 very)

e.g. My new iPad is pretty fun.

4, fun (= interesting 注意作形容词时并不是funny“搞笑的”意思,但是它在日常生活里的出现频率一点也不比funny低)

e.g. There’re lots of fun things to do in the classroom.

5, adore (非常喜欢)

e.g. I adore that singer.

6, shortly (= soon)

e.g. I’ll get these things done shortly.

7, spot (1、看见= see; 2、地方= place)

e.g. 1、I spotted some squirrels(松鼠) and woodpeckers(啄木鸟) in Stanley Park. 2、 It looks like a nice spot for a picnic.

8, during (表示“在…的时候”,极度常用,可惜国内考生都无视这个好词)

e.g. We go hiking and camping during holidays.

9, know…out/know…backwards and forwards (精通…)

e.g. He knows computers backwards and forwards.

10, I’m all for… (我完全支持某事物,= I strongly support…,注意这个句型在口语里很常用,写作里不要用)

e.g. I’ve got nothing against change – I’m all for it.

11, is no picnic/is a pain in the neck (很折磨人)

e.g. Getting the homework done everyday is no picnic.

12, …really bothers me./… is getting on my nervers (让我很烦)

e.g. The noise really bothers me./The noise is getting on my nervers

13, kick back and relax / let one’s hair down (放松)

e.g. At parties, we just kick back and relax.

14, a couple of (几个)

e.g. I stayed in France for a couple of weeks.

15, a bunch of (= some 一些)

e.g. I went there with a bunch of new friends.

16, dozens of (几十)

e.g. I just bought dozens of gifts online.

17, loads of / piles of / tons of / a multitude of (= lots of)

e.g. I’ve got loads of work to get through before tommorrow.

18, make sense (= be reasonable 合理)

e.g. The plot of that movie didn’t make any sense.

19, …, you name it. / and the list goes on and on (…应有尽有,常被放在列举出的几个名词之后表示其实还有更多)

e.g. Beijing has traditions, modern lifestyles, tasty food, exciting night-life, beautiful people… you name it.

20, eye-opening (很地道的英文,“让人大开眼界的”,名词为eye-opener)

e.g. Trips to other countries can be reeeeally eye-opening.

21, decent (= quite good,虽然字面意思是体面的,不过在国外真实生活里表示“不错的,挺好的”的意思)

e.g. This job offers a decent salary and an impressive set of benefits(福利).

22, hang out (玩儿。很多时候可以代替play,这个词后面不能直接跟宾语)

e.g. I often hang out in bars at weekends.

23, kind of /sort of (= somewhat, 有点…)

e.g. My boss is kind of hard to get along with.

24, like (like作为连词在口语中极度常用,可以表示“比如说”、“像是…”、“差不多是”)

e.g. I bought lots of stuff, like carrots, beef and salmon./That program is like, …boring.

25, in a row (= one after another, 连续地出现或发生,这个短语用来描述一系列连续的事物很常用)

e.g. 1、Jeremy Lin led New York Knicks to seven wins in a row./ 2、Patricia passed four exams in a row last week.

26, entire (= whole/complete, 谁都知道whole和complete常用,但是entire更为地道,并且频率更高,它的副词entirely也是考试时替换completely的绝佳选择)

e.g. Daniel ate the entire cake and made no apology for that.

27, … as well (= …too.)

e.g. Beijing is exciting for its night-life.And it’s culturally attractive as well.

28, …is a snap/…is a breeze/… is a piece of cake (小菜一碟)

e.g. The IETLS speaking test is just a breeze if you know all the tricks about it.

29, By doing that, I kill two birds with one stone (一举两得)

e.g. When I travel around, I take photos and then sell them online. So you see, I just kill two birds with one stone.

30, … is the best + 名词, hands down (…绝对是最…的)

e.g. The new iPad is the best tablet I’ve ever seen, hands down.

31, …would be the last thing I want to do. (…是我在人生里最不想做的事)

32, That’s the way the ball bounces. (命中注定)

33, get the hang of (基本了解了怎样做某事)

e.g. Dont’t worry – you’ll get the hang of it shortly.

34, get …down pat (“完全掌握了… ”)

e.g. If you just memorize all the answers, even if you get all the answers down pat, there may still be questions you haven’t thought of during the test.So….

35, What a shame! (“太可惜了…”)

36, … is non-existent (等同于中文里所说的“压根儿就不存在”)

37, end up verb+ing (常用来描述某人或某事最终处于某种状态)

e.g. I ended up having to do all the work myself.

38, suit someone well /suit someone’s needs (国内考生普遍都酷爱使用suitable,但实际上这个词语气比较正式,一般都是用左边的短语代替)

e.g. The bustling city life suits Jeremy better.

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